UTas UC History

People who have made a significant contribution to the running of one of the longest running University Ultimate Clubs in Australia are:

Garry Davidson
Shavawn Donoghue
David Cooke

The University of Tasmania Ultimate Club was founded in the early 90s by Malcolm McFarlane, and run for a long period of time by Garry Davidson and a group of Geologists.  Malcolm played at the 3rd Melbourne Hat tournament in 1992, and at the National Championships in 1993, playing for ‘Barely Reefers’, a Queensland based team.

UTas UC was instrumental in keeping Ultimate alive in Hobart during the 90s,  providing fields and playing equipment for regular pick up games. 

Early 2000s*
UTas UC remained stable through the early years of the decade, and supported early leagues such as the K-League run by Ken Suber.  UTas UC formed one half of the CSIRO/Uni Challenge, now known as the Uni-Workers Challenge, instigated by Craig Mundy, a uni stalwart. The Tasmanian Ultimate Association was formed in 2003, and had a close working relationship with the UTas UC, often sharing equipment, resources, and event organisation.  Shavawn Donoghue was treasurer of both for a number of years, giving both a lot of flexibility, and helping the club get its first grant from Tasmanian Sport and Rec in 2004.  This grant provided 2 development bags, support for the Two-Hat tournament, and funded Tasmania's first four accredited coaches.  On top of the committed input from Shavawn and Garry Davidson, the Club was well governed through this period by Denny Liggins, Robin Fleming, Dene Carroll, and Cari Deyell.  

Two of the finest imports to arrive on the Hobart shores, Mike Baker, and Tania King, along with Ash Martens moulded the club into a formidable interstate force.  The club played its first ever interstate competition in 2006 (southern University Games), coming a creditable 7th out of 12, then followed up in the same year with an 8th from 17 showing at the Australian University Games.  Tania then led the team to 5th place (out of 20) in the 2007 Australian University Games, a magnificent result.

A period of change and relative quiet followed the 06-07 halcyon.  Some initiatives were attempted by new President Huddy Fuller in 09, but did not bear much fruit.

2010 saw a major push into recruitment and return to major competitions, with the club having its own disc stamped (driven by Vice-President Eliza Burke-Polden), and recording its highest ever membership.  Huddy and Eliza returned the team to interstate competition, winning a bronze medal at the Southern University Games in Bendigo.  UTas UC also entered teams into several local competitions, coming a creditable 2nd in two of them.

Many thanks to input from Jemery Day and Shavawn Donoghue.
*Information provided by TUA website: http://tua.afda.com/ultimate/utas/, accessed 24/1/11.