Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nationals 2011

Several Club members, Alumni, and regulars attended the Australian Ultimate Championships in Brisbane over the weekend, and acquitted themselves well.  Club members Steve Wright and myself played for Tasmnaian team Quoll, Mike Baker for Melbourne team Chilly, and Eliza and Claudia for Southside.  Annie Benham, alumni of the club, also played for Southside, and UTas pickup regulars Steve Joyce and Grady joined us on Quoll.

It was the most competitive tournament in Nationals history, and as such Quoll struggled to make an impact coming in 16th, but winning the spirit award.  Baker's team made the final, but couldn't match the precision of Sydneyside team Colony after halftime.  Southside performed with competence to finish 13th in the women's draw.

More than anything, this has fuelled the fire for the Hobart-Launceston Challange, and Southern Uni Games, held on 3-7th July in Geelong.  I'm excited and happy to be playing, and we look to have a strong team in the making. Bring on SUG!

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