Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spring League Final

Despite only planning to "play a couple of games" in Spring league, it turned out that I only missed one, making it back in time for UTas's second league final in a row.  UTas started well, getting the turn and scoring through a surprise zone. We dropped the next point to an amazing and surprising layout to score from Andrew Wong, but weren't perturbed, as we felt we were playing more smoothly.  Despite this, we traded points to 3-3, then Gringos got the break to lead 4-3, then 5-3.  We were playing well against the zone, showing good patience and concentration, and consistently throwing accurately.  Pat (Neasey) was notable for a couple of crossfield throws through the cup that none of us expected.

Gringos held the break at 6-4, but UTas came back through some typical individual brilliance from Michael Dunne, then got the turn and score to level at 6-all.  Gringos were able to capitalise on a number of poor choices or poor exectution, scoring a number of soft points and 5 of the next 8 to lead 11-8.  UTas regrouped, and put a heavy focus on defence.  I was marking handlers at the time, so I couldn't see downfield, but as Eliza and I were frequently getting to stall counts of 7, 8, and 9, I can only assume that Jeram, Sophie and Grady were doing an amazing job of marking their players.  We got the turn, hucked long, lost it, got it back and saw a high percentage throw from Michael to solid cut from Grady to score.  We got an early turn in the next point, and with Eliza lifting her game, Michael again threw long for her to score toeing the line in front of Lefty.  Down by one, UTas got another turn, and worked it up patiently but swiftly.  Michael sent a give and go to me, and got it back as a low hammer into the front corner of the endzone, tying the score at 11-all with just a few minutes on the clock.

UTas sent the pull down, but despite pressure across the ground and best-option match-ups, were unable to prevent Felix's breakforce throw to Tim for a score, with the hooter sounding as we trudged back. Gringos won 12-11.  Well done to everyone from Gringos, it was a good team effort and spread, but particularly to Emma Pharo and Felix.  Felix played his usual exceptional game, and added a number of long throws that seemed to hit their target all too frequently.  Emma had a rock-solid game, quietly getting Ds, and holding onto pressured, D-ed catches throughout.  Gringos ability to stay focused and capitalise on our mistakes was the real difference in the game.

Another lost final can only spur the club on to better things next year.

UTas player of the match: Michael Dunne
Season MVP:                  Nic Jansen
Most improved:                Pat Neasey