Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spring League, week 7 (semi-finals)

Last week's nailbiting loss to Whatever We're Called ensured UTas would meet that team for a second consecutive week in the 2nd vs. 3rd semi-final. We came dangerously close to being unable to field a full team, not being allowed pick-ups in the finals, but Sophie Edgar arrived as player #7 just as the game got underway. Without Huddy's usual leadership, Pat Dunne did an admirable job getting our plays organised and played as a handler most of the game. UTas scored the first quick point then went 2-0 up after a long battle which left the seven of us puffed out, but, without any subs, we kept up the intensity, leading 5-3 as the two teams traded points.

Following a confusion between Jeram, Sophie and Pat Neasey, UTas started communicating better and found it easier to keep possession as we moved up the field. Whatever We're Called threatened often but made a few more mistakes under pressure that enabled UTas to capitalise, stretching the margin little by little. Sophie repeatedly got herself into space, scoring from long throws by Mike Dunne and dropping a couple of unlucky ones as well. When unable to throw to cuts, UTas players were much better at using the dump or swing, rather than risking turnovers. Pat Neasey was more confident in throwing and most of his throws found their target, including one very dodgy huck that was saved by Mike.

With UTas leading 13-7 at the five-minute call, the seven brave warriors looked to have done the job. Whatever We're Called scored the last point once again, but this time it wasn't the victory clinching point and the tired UTas players celebrated a hard-fought victory.

With the news that Bread had an upset 2-point loss to Gringo in the other semi-final, we look forward to a UTas vs. Gringo spring league grand final next Monday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spring League, week 6

Week 6 saw UTas take on 'Whatever we're called' at Sandown in, once again, surprisingly still conditions for a Tasmanian Spring.  UTas started savage with 2 pick ups (Alice and Jack), with our 3 normal girls and a 4th stand-in unable to make the game.  UTas started on O, but allowed the turnover.  A second score to Whatever left UTas 0-2.  Some patient offence confidently guided by Pat Dunne got two points back, then a third to be up 3-2.  UTas were performing well on O, and getting turns on D, but choosing some silly options at times and allowing break-throws too often.  The ascendancy in the middle stretches of the game was with UTas, but they were unable to capatilise.  Whatever came back hard, and got some crucial points to lead UTas by 3, 10-7.

After Kieren went off with a blooded face, UTas used some smooth and patient offence to cut the lead, then equalise,  barely minutes remaining.  Whatever scored painfully quick, and knowing time was near, UTas sprinted to the line and were given an obligingly quick pull from Whatever.  However time was against us, and the controversial hard-cap rule foiled UTas when on O again. Final score 10-11

Special mentions to Alice and Jack, who made a seamless transition to intermediate after a bare handful of beginner games. Nice work!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Half Blue University Awards

On Friday 19th, Huddy and Eliza, (accompanied by Hannah Bartle) attended the Sports Council Awards afternoon.  Huddy was awarded a Half-Blue for captaining Bad Apples at the Australian University Championships, while Eliza was awarded a Half-Blue for being the Most Valuable (female) Player at the Southern University Games in Bendigo, as well as being presented with her Sports Council half-scholarship for excellence in sport.

The SUG team was mentioned for winning their Bronze medal.

UTUC has had a great year, and this has been recognised by the TUU and Sports Council.  We're all looking forward to next year being bigger and brighter.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

week 5, vs Microwave Danger

The game started in deliciously wet conditions, perfect for a decent layout.  It turned out however, that drops rather than layouts were the order of the day.  Despite being too cute, UTas held on to more catches early on to lead Microwave Danger at what should be half, 8-3.  Microwave Danger had some very fine displays, particularly from Mark Verrall frequently finding the break throw, and Dave Langford holding onto solid catches up and down the ground.

UTas had an even spread of contributors, with everyone apart from Nic and Jeram managing to get the disc out of bounds on the Pull.  Michael Dunne starred with his usual quick style of play both middle and long.  Utas took the game 15-8, in a well spirited game albeit with a lack of layouts in perfect conditions.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hungry for more Ultimate news?

Then check out the new Bread blog.  You'll be able to follow what all the Bread kids are up to.

Spring League, week 4

Week 4 saw UTas and Bread face off in a top of the table clash.  The weather once again turned it on, a warm evening with light gusts.  UTas started well, getting the first two points, and holding onto a decent lead to be up 6-3 well into the game.  UTas were playing really well on D, and utilising good and patient options on O.  After this, Bread regrouped and started effectively shutting down the in-cuts.  UTas went to a hit and miss long game, but failed to convert on the goal line a couple of crucial times.  Bread's well held structure and drilling proved telling as they slowly gained a lead and pushed it to two points, 9-7.
UTas picked it up again, pulling close off a fine intercept from Sophie off Bread's first throw, 8-9, dropped another one, 8-10, and then threw on a surprise zone near UTas's offensive endzone that put enough pressure to get the turn and score, 9-10.  The final point commenced, and after a series of turns was halted by the hard cap.  

Bread deservedly won in a tight and immaculately spirited game off the back of good defensive work and competent offence.  UTas had significantly improved defensive work, and Nic Jansen continued his sensational form to be one of UTas's best on the night.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spring League, week 3

After the first three weeks, UTas stands at a respectable 3-0.

Week one consisted of a feet-finding game in which we trailed for large sections, but came back strongly in the second half.

Week two we showed a bit more cohesion, and after gaining an early lead, we extended it toward the end and took the game.

Week three started in fine conditions.  A balmy still spring night welcomed us at the Uni ground, and we took advantage of winning the toss to score the first point.  We quickly extended our lead to 4-1 on the back of some effective long throws, and our greater depth was telling.  We pulled out a zone for a couple of points, getting swift turnovers and scoring from them, then forgot about zone as we put decent pressure on Team 3, and made the most of the turnovers.

After a period of dominance, and being 7 points up at one point, UTas took their foot off the pedal and let some good flow from team 3 in to score a few points, but scored enough to hold on for a five point win, 12-7.  UTas had great input from everyone, but Nic Jansen in particular stood out with some solid D, great catches, and good positioning.  Sophie Edgar also had a great debut, effecting a turnover in the endzone that UTas took down the other end to score.