Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spring League, week 6

Week 6 saw UTas take on 'Whatever we're called' at Sandown in, once again, surprisingly still conditions for a Tasmanian Spring.  UTas started savage with 2 pick ups (Alice and Jack), with our 3 normal girls and a 4th stand-in unable to make the game.  UTas started on O, but allowed the turnover.  A second score to Whatever left UTas 0-2.  Some patient offence confidently guided by Pat Dunne got two points back, then a third to be up 3-2.  UTas were performing well on O, and getting turns on D, but choosing some silly options at times and allowing break-throws too often.  The ascendancy in the middle stretches of the game was with UTas, but they were unable to capatilise.  Whatever came back hard, and got some crucial points to lead UTas by 3, 10-7.

After Kieren went off with a blooded face, UTas used some smooth and patient offence to cut the lead, then equalise,  barely minutes remaining.  Whatever scored painfully quick, and knowing time was near, UTas sprinted to the line and were given an obligingly quick pull from Whatever.  However time was against us, and the controversial hard-cap rule foiled UTas when on O again. Final score 10-11

Special mentions to Alice and Jack, who made a seamless transition to intermediate after a bare handful of beginner games. Nice work!

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